Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Little Beaver State Park, West Va.

   July 25th  2017.  Alas....what do you do with the name "Little Beaver"?  I'll simply leave it at that. Tee-Hee-Hee.
   July 24th left Sleepy Hollow State Park, north of Lansing, Mich. and headed into a mysterious funk via highway 127 to Fayette,  Ohio, THEN onto the Ohio Turnpike which proved to be shades of the old Kingston Trio's  "Riding on the MTA": "....But he'll never return, no he'll never return & his fate is still unknown. He'll ride forever beneath the streets of Boston....". In short, once you're on the Ohio Turn Pike there ain't no getting off.  Coasting along on vapor we finally crept into what was the only rest stop, filled up, danced the jig and got an espresso.  Spent the night at Findlay State Park, in Wellington, Ohio.....truly lost in time.....lost in geography, and the showers wouldn't drain, leaving you dancing around a pool of swill,  and trying hard to maintain a carefree camper attitude.
   Off this morning for a circuitous, basically lost,  back-and-forth, around-and-around trek through remote, Ohio farm lands.  Google and Garmin were more bumfuzzled than we were, but FINALLY we stumbled upon I-77 South. Never, did we think we'd celebrate transporting ourselves down the bloody I-77!!!  Stumbling and bumbling, we ended up at Little Beaver which without a doubt, is the best camp site of the entire trip!  Hence,  we're staying an extra day or two.  There's a beautiful lake for canoeing and fishing, so I'll get my poles & we'll give her a try.  We feel so at home here in the West Virginia's thick forest.  It's dusk and spikes of sun filter next to leafy undergrowth and stately hard wood tree trunks.  It's  quiet, cool, and a joyous place to be. Trailering like this is hard work, but the gain is worth the pain.... most of the time
   A couple of goofy photos to follow (maybe).

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  1. We miss you and Ann and hope all is well. So glad to have met you on this journey of a lifetime! Danny & Susan