Thursday, July 20, 2017

Butter Don't Melt Tour

   July 19th.  Alas...we won't make it far enough north for the butter not to melt. We're way up north close to Lake Superior & it's warm in the sun, but the breeze is cool and There's Low Humidity. Toward morning you pull a quilt up about half-way. Nice for sleeping & napping. 
   Last night stayed at J.W, Wells State Park, Cedar River, MI.  Great photo Ann took at dawn this morning of the fireball-of-a-sun coming up over Lake Mich. And then there was the photo of the Boy Scout totem pole and maybe a couple of more selfies.  We've simply got to  give it up with the selfies as this blog is morphing into a "home movie" sort of thing and watching someone else's home movies can be torture. 
   Tonight we set up camp in Tahquamenon (obviously not Irish) Falls State Park, Paradise, MI. It's close to Lake Superior. Tomorrow, we'll go up to White Fish Point to see the famous light house and go to the mariners museum. It features the story of and artifacts from the legendary Edmund Fitzgerald which sank off-shore.
    Since north-to-not-melting butter ain't gonna work, we thought we'd try to step into---maybe even dive into each of the Great Lakes, but as fate would have it, we'll probably only hit Lake Michigan, Superior & Huron. Ontario is way over toward New York & we may have to pass on this. Oh well......
     I'll take some goofy photo tomorrow.

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