Saturday, March 5, 2016


   In the preceeding blog I mentioned a wake and a kerfluffle (sp?). To get the whole picture you need information I'm not at liberty to convey via the "blob-o-sphere" or any other medium other than:
              NEWS IN BRIEFS
             (or, read my shorts)

     Fear and Loathing--The Wake Lives

   Thinking the wake was dead, we'd thrown in the crates, hooked up the EGG, and were about to head home. Then low and behold, we learned early this AM that the "kerflufflette" had sorted things out, somewhat, and the wake lives!!! She's heading up this ashes- spreading confab and she said on her phone she's en route to Hunting Island,SC where she's AIRBNB'ed a house for us near-do-wells, and where our dear, dear friend is to have her ashes  spread.  
    I can't imagine how it's going to go down. Again....I'm guessing the dead lady---a sweet, kind, saint sort of a person---is watching and chuckling. More about this in the next blog.
     I've attached a couple of Low Kuntry photos. Glad we're too early for mosquitos and noseeums. That's why they call it the Low Kuntry--'cause when it heats up and the bugs get holt of ya, you be feeling mighty Low. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016


   Whereas, having spent far too much on the "Medical Conveyor Belt"...a spot ole farts unwittengly find themselves...being shuttled first to one doctor, then another, and still another ad infinitum, we cast ourselves off, threw some crates in the truck, hooked up the EGG and got the hell outta Dodge. (Note: there is no brake on this conveyor belt and the leap off can be deadly, thus placing one back on the belt) Alas.....
   So here we are at Edisto Beach, SC. Temp. 65, NE Wind 15-20. Invigorating for beach walking but a small price to pay in that one forgets Donald Trump, all goofy current events, and dwells on subjects like: Where is the good seafood? I asked a park dude raking the sand (for some reason) and he said, "You go out the gate, take a "rite", go for 7.2 miles, and thar's this seafood shack that cooks out back on Thurs. & Fridays. You gotta set at a picnic table though, but it's the best seafood in these-here parts."
We're gonna check it out, but first a good long walk on the beach to work up an appetite.  More later about this.
   This Sunday, we're supposed to tag a friend's wake on to the end of our stay here at Edisto Beach. It's to be held at Hunting Island State Pk, SC, but it seems to have morphed into a kerfluffle and my not occur. I'm guessing the dead person is having a chuckle over it all. What a dear soul she was & like us all, soon to be lost in the vast expanse of time. Pardon this Billy Shakespeare quote, for I use it a lot, but as he put it: "We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and oue little life is rounded with a sleep."