Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fear & Loathing On The Road From Yellowstone

6/15/16: Some clown said, "No pain, no gain."
Well, enough already with the pain:
Yellowstone National Park, June 3rd , 4PM Mountain Time, Ann steps on a loose, stone paver, and snaps three bones in her right ankle. For Ann, the 6-day 2000 mile trip back home at +- 350 miles per day, in a single-seat pickup (pulling the EGG) was akin to Dante's Inferno. Me too, for that matter, though I was lacking the pain; the ratty Yellowstone Clinic cast & the throes (pun intended) of a walker, then later a wheelchair bought in a Wyoming drug/medical supply/grocer.

And how do you eat when your mate can't ambulate? Ans: Motel breakfasts and Mickey D's salads, fries & once 'n a while a Big Mac. What the hell! Honest to
god, we tried restaurants from Northern
Wyoming to Car-Lotte & Mickey D's. won out. Once, we ordered a pizza (decent/too costly) & there was that Chinese delivery that had us both in the Jonny a good bit.
But when you look on the sunny side, we got back in time (just barely) for to have orthopedic surgery this AM at OrthoCarolina. It went well. She's zonked out in bed at the moment. Recoup, rehab June, July, Aug. then walking again by September.
I've got a second book in the works. By now, the editor has saturated the manuscript with I.T./ editing thing-gummies, demanding protracted spans of time to incorporate or reject. Being the two-legged one of the duo, I'll be hanging close, shopping, cooking, doing v. minimal cleaning. Think I'll hire a maid to come in every 10 days or so. Upshot: I'll have tons of time to work on the book. Funny how things turn out, but poor Ann. She's cared for me through several awful medical "trips." Now, it's my turn.
I'll attempt to tag on an assortment of photos from this trek. In closing, let me go on record as saying, "More Gain, Forget The Pain." Oh yeah, during 4000 mile EGG saga we met some some terrific folks---nary a surly one in the bunch. And wouldn't believe the CORN!!!
"From the crooked timber of humanity not a straight thing was ever made."
---Immanuel Kant

Saturday, June 4, 2016

More Pictures from Yellowstone


6/3 Following, are assorted photos from the Cody, Wy. 6/2 PM Rodeo, followed by sundry Yellowstone photos taken 6/2. It would be nice to present a caption beneath each photo but the Bluetooth/IPhone format makes this too difficult & detracts from party time. The upshot is that Yellowstone is nothing short of pure-T sensory overload. Everywhere you turn your camera (I-Phone) there is a mind boggling photograph. Which one do you take? Which one do you save and share? It'll drive you nuts. Mark Twain said "Yellowstone is where God went nuts." This is spot on.
One over-arching feeling is how tentative---how fragile---how apt this spot on earth could, with a moments notice, blow the hell up. You'll see more evidence of this wth maƱana's photos showing the steaming cauldrons.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Grub, Cleve. Pop-up, Big Pipes, Fighten Bars & Rodeo Promo

6/1 Went to Cody, Mal-Wart this AM to stock up, then took a hike along a cool, Cody greenway, and have been chillin and rubbernecking stuff at our KOA.
There's a lot of money in Cody. They say the billionaires have replaced the millionaires in Jackson Hole, Wy. & the millionaires have moved to Cody. Whatever.....Trailering folks are hard to top.
Five photos from today are:
1. Typical dinner in the EGG. Annie's the best.
2. Cleveland Pop-up crew just set up next door: Grandpa, Gramma, Divorced Daughter, Kids & a dog. Whew!!! Where do they all sleep?
3. Big Pipe Dude hauling the '92 JUMBO Airstream with three axles. He needs a big pipe if it'll give him even a 1/2 HP more, as that unit must weigh 3 tons, easy. Whatever turns you on, huh?
4. Yours Truly Ready For de Bars.
5. Rodeo Promo Clown tooled around the KOA in an '87 Cadillac Eldorado with speakers blasting out promotion for this year's FIRST CODY RODEO, tonight at PM. We be going. How exciting in this?!