Friday, July 14, 2017

July 16,2017

   Got my fingers crossed.  Major I.T. Glitches. Hence, no recent posts. 
   In upper Ill. Parked next to a big rig.  It's like Little Toot-Toot next to an ocean liner. Cool breeze; ultra neat farms--all raising corn and soybeans.  Walked out into the countryside.  No sign of Homo sapiens;  ++ beware of dog signs; perfectly cropped lawns & adjacent road shoulders.  A bit unwelcoming; almost creep , but  while at the same time picturesque.
   At lunch, met a local mega farmer who lives back in the country, way, way out in the middle of 1000's of acres of corn and soybeans. I said, "What in the world do you do  out there?" He said, "Live, what more can you do?" The farmer said,  "You're not from around here.  I can tell."  I said, "No. North Carolina." He said, "I've only left once and that was for Marine Corps basic training at Parris Island. I don't want to go anywhere.  I'm gonna stay here and watch the corn and beans grow."  Driving down the Interstate after lunch I'm thinking "maybe that farmer dude is in a deep state, metaphysically.  He's finding contentment amongst the corn and beans  (why is this space here? It won't go away! Jeez....)

, while we're looking for/seeking contentment gallivanting all over the country. What the heck is contentment, anyhow?  Simply a state of mind? A "second hand emotion," like love?  (Per Tina Turner)
   To change the subject, last night a cluster of 62-year-old high school  women classmates at Anderson High, Anderson, Indiana were having their annual bash. One lives in Kokomo, Ind., one lives in. Alabama & one from Anderson. One was having a birthday. We went over. I played Happy B'Day on my harmonica & we partied down.  Somehow, health insurance came up and one of the delightful women said, "Don't worry, Trump won't let you down."
   A cool wind is piping up. And was just now outside and she had a chill.  
   Hey, Bob Hughes, you said to go north till you're butter don't melt.  It's getting cool, but the butter's still mighty soft.   
   I'll attempt to attach some photos.

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