Saturday, July 15, 2017

Hancock, Wis. Trailer Park

    Saturday night. Interstates up here tend to be like the old corduroy roads. Beats the heck outta you with 50psi trailer tires and 40 psi rear tires on the truck.  It's the weather that does it: Freeze/thaw/freeze/thaw. In short, they buckle and it gives the traveler the shakes---not to mention what it does to the vehicle. As for the weather, it seems that it's good till November, then it snows for 3.5 mos.  Snowbound, I'm thinking there's a good bit of drinking going down. Bet domestic police call ramp up during these snow mos.
   As for the 62-year-old Class of 1983 girls in last night's blog who were celebrating a birthday,  they're extraordinarly close. Every day they FaceTime at 10:00 in the morning while they're having their coffee---one in Kokomo, Ind., one in Alabama; one in Anderson, Ind.  Then they rendezvous yearly and party down. What a neat thing--- stay so close---to be "blood sisters." So they voted for Trumpster.  Who cares.
   Two cool exchanges during the day:  Swept down upon by a very gregarious Pentecostal Holiness fellow at Love's Truck Stop.  Had a homemade teardrop trailer made from high-end marine plywood---sanded, varnished---very, very cool. He and spouse built it from scratch. They're off o the west coast and scenic points en route.   He said, "Just look around at all this beauty (Love's ???) and you know an all-powerful God did this." I smiled, and subtly nodded. What are you going to do? He was so nice; so filled with happiness and spirt.
   Meanwhile, inside Love's restroom,  Ann met a bubbly gal who said, 'I just retired and hung up my housecoat. I've bought me a Gypsy (trailer) and I'm off to see  America.
    Tomorrow, shooting up to  the shore of Lake Mich.  Supposed to be a spectacular setting.  Yippee....

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