Thursday, July 20, 2017

Butter Tour Continues

   Thursday, July 20,2017--Brimley State Park on Lake Superior in Michigan's Eastern Upper Peninsula.  With the melting butter silliness swept aside we decided to take a dip in all five of the Great Lake, but as fate would have it we'll only dive into three of the five: Michigan, Superior & Huron. Erie and Ontario will have to wait. Hey... three out of five /60% ain't so bad. Superior was truly chilly so we zipped up our shorty wet suits and dove in on the count of three. I must say, the wet suits were curiosity items for the Michiganders sunning on the shore.  
   We're staying here at Brimley for two days. Our site is in a shady grove just next to the water.  It's 72 degrees with a brisk breeze.  Very low humidity. Burrr...
    Yesterday, we pontificated about how weird we've begun to feel doing this trailering thing.  As was the case during earlier lengthy trips,  home has become a foggy concept.  The cliche, "live in the moment," applies. Each day constitutes an end-all experience. You don't think about tomorrow because you're too absorbed in the here-and-now.  We meet folks who've been doing this for years & they've got a strange persona; an odd, at ease vibe about them. They just "chill", then move on when the mood strikes them.

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