Thursday, January 26, 2017



   We left town to take a reprieve from Cheeto The Mad Hatter, but as if unknowingly tracking around dog poop on your shoe sole, no matter where you go the stench remains.  Our constitutional democracy is in jeopardy as never before so try as we might, the angst prevails. The Kindles we brought  for novels morphed into daily NYT, W.Post news posts; the I-Phone for phone calls morphed into incessant CNN, etc., and Facebook Cheeto smut sources.  So the beat goes on and we can't escape...even in Alabama.
   We've done Gulf Shores.  Two days under an umbrella on the beach are the highlight.  Food has been mediocre and the trailer park somewhat lacking, Oh live and learn.
   Today, we'll do the Nature Center and the super long pier folks rave about.  Tomorrow we'll shove off.  Two final truisms:  1) This trip proved to be a successful "shake-down cruise" on the  heels (pun intended) of Ann's 3-bone ankle break in Yellowstone, 6/16.  2) once again it affirmed the value of our relationship. This AM we acknowledged that we'd be 79 when Cheeto's reign was done. Chortling, we both agreed that if one of us died beforehand the other, the one left would  be very pissed.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017



1/24/17--Two Truisms, Misc. Photos & Stuff

"Trucks are red, tractors are green & shit flows down hill." Relayed today by a geezer from Michigan. This brings to mind a second truism relayed to me by a tired old plumber back in the 60's when I was a plumbing and heating supply salesman. He said, "Son,  there ain't but two things you got to know to be a plumber:  1) Shit don't flow uphill and 2) Payday's on Friday.

 Spectacular weather today. Sat out on the beach and swilled a few Ultra's, though it's against city ordinance to consume alcohol on the beach. Figured I'd tell the constable that since Ultra really ain't beer than how can it be alcohol .  Ann  said this wouldn't work.

Can't remember photo order nor which ones exist for 1/24, but you'll no doubt see the big rig & Harley in the pickup. Came roaring last night. Note his sewer hose as it relates to truisms, above.  Then there's SOW (shit on a waffle) we  had this am.  In the Navy there was always SOS (shit on a shingle), but given our incessant drive to achieve sophistication we stepped up to SOW. Note: It's cream beef on toast---or waffle.  Then there's our new friend Mary, a late 60's single, tent camper from Washington state. She hauls a 750 Honda in her trailer & she's a true enthusiast and truly happy camper. Finally, there's us on the beach. I promise no more selfies, as they are as boring as home movies.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

1/22/17. . Seven Photos; etc

1) Nearby bog: All water lilies are green though some appear white from sun's reflection.
2) Long leaf pine photo #1 (Pinus palustris).
3) Long leaf pine photo #2.     ".        ".   Primordial appearing evergreen dancing in the wind. These are such young saplings. Perhaps planted using BP oil disaster settlement funding .
4) Wonderful beach-side building. Roof designed to withstand severe wind.
5) Us
6) Teeny "cute" EGG amongst the big rigs. No visitors so far today, though lots of rubbernecking.
7) "Things Are Looking Up" sky shot this morning. Thar' s  a sun ball up thar somewhares.

    The upshot of trip to the Gulf is:  It's a crap shot during tornado now! Oh live and learn


Saturday, January 21, 2017



1/21/17---Gulf Shores Park, Alabama

    10:00am raining cats and dogs, thunder, tornado warnings; noon, sun's out but with strange clouds, 3:00pm clouds & intermitten sunshine; 7:00PM the "big one" is due----so say the old timers with big rigs who've been here for months.  Ann has Weather Wunderground's tornado alert alarm programmed into her phone & if it goes off we're scooting to the pooper, a nearby block building.
    As usual we're the teeny, "cute" little trailer that's consistently unlike the other camping rigs & a source of mega curiosity. First thing this morning had a pair of visitors---nice folks, very curious.
    Attached photos include: Sunset @ Greensboro, Ga., 1/19; CCC (30's) lake and dam, slate cabins, pegged together columns, 1/20; "Don't aggravate the alligators" sign (do they mean don't tie a string to a raw chicken then snatch it away, or what?), various wet land shots, laurel shrubs with red berries & laurel shrub with red berries.
    Publication of the blog and definitely the photos dubious.  We'll see....

Friday, January 20, 2017

Egging To L.A.

1/20/17.      Jesus!  I've been in an I.T. Black Hole since 1/18 & waiting till I could retain a geek only to remember Ann made an "A" in the calculus and low and behold , Ann found and got eggontherun. (The original? A new blog? Who in the Sam Hill knows till we publish this tripe which I'll attempt at this moment.) running. WHEW! How confusing!
1/20/17 , A Day That Will Go Down In Infamy