Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 12th '17

   The pathological narcissist was driving us nuts, we'd spent a year rehabbing from broken limbs, etc., etc., so it was way past time to get the hell outta Dodge.  North was the only direction to go in light of the heat.  How far, where, how long were immaterial. My friend Bob Hughes said, "Go north till the butter don't melt." Sounded like a sound gauge to me, but I'm thinking this'll  be way north in Canada.  Just have to see how this plays out. We brought our passports. 
   We've been out since Monday, the 10th. Night one put us in Kanawha State Forest,  W.Va.  Google sent us  up a 7 mile steep dirt road with fierce ruts into the back side of the park. WHEW!  Nice setting; no people;  down in a thick forested hollow. We discovered the front entrance upon leaving.
   Tuesday, the 11th put us in Alum Creek State Park Delaware, Ohio. Nice spot backed up to a huge lake.Lots of frogs at night. Nice....
   Tonight, July 12th we're at Mounds State Park, Indiana.  Great setting.  We're staying two nights---a good plan when trailering: travel two, stay two.  
   We're bushed, but we're essentially away from current events i.e.,Trump being down the rabbit hole with, and being played for a sucker by Vladimir Putin, etc.  Who knows what tomorrow may bring....
Dick 'n Ann

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