Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Sorry about no blog as promised from Roan Mt. & vicinity, but there's no transmission from up cell towers polluting the mountain tops. Alas...
Spectacular, dense, hardwood forests & no other campers in sight but one, who's off a good distance. It's been quilt cool at night & the air is clear...quite the improvement compared to Carlott. And quiet and dark at night with trillions of insects doing their chorus. Great to sit around a fire, hypnotized by the flames, while the insects sing and a couple of owls hoot to each other. No talking heads on TV; no wacky newspaper propaganda; simply tranquility. This is why folks (some folks without TV's, etc.) hit the road, go to sea, etc., and never come back.
Daily, rigorous hikes up and down ridges...slick between roots and lots of roots. Since busting my ankle I'm planning each step & relying on my walking stick more than normal. Lots of toadstools of assorted colors and types. Most are deadly. They say when you eat one, the first day you're sick, the second you feel OK and the third, you're dead as a stump.
Oh yeah, the other camper has a huge, red Dodge Ram (massive V8 engine) 3/4 ton pickup. His front license plate says, "GOD Made The Ram" with the official Dodge logo in the background. The fellow looks like a freeway sniper, but I'm tempted to ask him if God, indeed, works in Detroit.
Later....need to sprinkle a little kerosene on my damp wood fire. It's getting a little spooky out here in the dark, dark forests with all the bug noises and things that go "bump in the night.