Friday, November 28, 2014

Pictures from Keowee-Toxaway on thanksgiving weekend


  The chillins all had Turkeyobligations, so Ann and I said, "What the hell!"--threw the crates in the EGG and took off for KEOWEE-TOXAWAY State Park, in the S.C. mountains. Ann did up a complete Turkey dinner, with the bird,oyster dressing, gravy, sweet potatoes--pureed with cinnamon---and cranberry sauce (I could eat daily---the whole works!
    25-28  pm degrees; am wind; invigorating; big fires to sit around and stare at the way we do.
    Dinner better'n anything the Pilgrims--even Abe Lincoln, who invented Thanksgiving-- ever had & eaten, knee-to-knee, at the EGG's tiny table, and I was "the luckiest man alive".   
    Hiked a good bit in the hard wood forests with that magic leafless sunshine a-beaming on you and the fall leaves all-around and you stop every 45 mins. or so for snacks-- every hour for another turkey sandwich with Miracle Whip and gobs or cranberry sauce on both sides of the turkey slabs.
   Photos, to follow, I take no credit for; it's all about the IPhone (3, no less). You figure it....
Peace 'n Later...