Saturday, April 21, 2012


Given this tip, we set off for Cades Cove, up here in the Tenn. Smokies, and sure enough we "seen bars and deers all over the place" and a shit load of rubber-necking wankers from Ohio and neighboring environs, plus we "seen two wild turkeys"... and a cool grist mill that was grinding corn meal & the fellow gave me his flashlight so I cold look down at the bevel gear and stuff. My grandma's mother got a bevel gear from a cousin hailing from Ohio (pre-wanker), who owned a foundry. The bevel gear converts motion going in one direction to motion going in another....namely the waterwheel to the axle turning the millstone that grinds the corn. Anyhow.....Great-Grandma and spouse and the cousin were sitting around the kitchen table one night jawing about applications for the bevel gear and decided to build a grist mill...something missing from their WVa. valley. Grandma told the cousin that all he wanted was more time to eat her cooking.
He said, "Yep."

"I am an old man and have known a great many troubles,but most of them never happened."

____Mark Twain

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The rich dude wasn't a thief. His wife tossed my dock lines in his lazaretto....thinking it belonged to him. The upbeat element of this saga was that I got lots of exercise, as jumping to conclusions is my chosen way to keep in shape. And you don't break a sweat.
Splashed the boat today. Big milestone. Sanded and painted it ourselves, thus saving $400-$600, but the yard bill was still closer to $600. Oh well..... Divided by 360, that's 1.66666 dollars per day (I think). Long division is boring, don't you think?
The 18th of April we're off to an EGG FEST in Tennessee.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Our boat's on the hard (in the yard on jack stands), so our slip is vacant. We're sitting in Wal-Mart folding chairs drinking a Miller Lite (not beer), while all-the-while theres's this HIGH-END 35 foot power boat in my slip. It has lots and lots of teak trim and immaculate
(anal-retentive) clean and flashing clean stainless steel....We're talking 90 K or more....Anyhow, according to Bill from Miami, in the next slip, the dude sort of bounced in the slip...bow thrusters blasting this way and that....and we're not talking advanced nautical maneuvering, getting in this slip. Bill reports that the dude and his misses scamper off the dock to a waiting cab. About this time I arrive & it's only then that I notice my braided, blue, $18 each dock lines are missing.
The up shot of all this is that I find my dock lines on the dude's $90K boat. He's off to Baltimore and doesn't know he's busted. . Now, I'm a-gonna draft him a note regarding his low-life morals, while knowing I'll be gone when he returns for his boat and gets the note. And with his sociopathic bent he could vandalize my boat. Oh well...something to ponder. Next entry will encompass the note to the sociopath...

Friday, April 6, 2012


At an EGG FEST in Sieverville, Tennessee, along with 70 other small, fiberglass campers...all called EGGS, yet ours is the only one with the officially registered trademark "EGG CAMPER" name. We're trying not to to be too smug & have been keeping a low profile since arriving.
The trip from Carlot up over the mountains was a mix of sensory overload and hell. The overload stemmed (unintended pun) from the fresh green flora adorned by minimal light, as the sky was overcast, thus making the hardwoods up the mountainsides....the grass in the dells....everything flora, so goddamn GREEN and BEAUTIFUL! Then there was the "HELL" of towing the EGG up and down the twisting, steep grades in the soppy weather.
But we're here, safe and sound; the EGG is level and stable; the sewer hookup works; the water works; the electricity works; the heater is on; Ann is reading; I'm typing (perhaps next to digging and planting, my favorite "trip"); and I'm gonna play my $15 new guitar from Midnite Pawn, around behind John's Country Kitchen. I've imbibed a bit and feel groovy. , The mountain slop is dripping on the fiberglass roof in a soft and nice way. I'll end this goofy entry with a quote:

"What's the use of happiness? It can't buy you money.
--Henny Youngman


Whereas, anhedonia is the inability to experience pleasure, I'm figuring anti-anhedonia is a worth goal.
With this in mind, here are a few more newspaper headlines:

Grandmother Of Eight Makes Hole In One
Deaf Mute Gets New Hearing In Killing
Police Begin Campaign To Run Down Jaywalkers
Chinese Apeman Dated
Traffic Dead Rise Slowly
Milk Drinkers Are Turning To Powder
South Florida Illegal Aliens Cut In Half By New Law
Quarter Of A Million Chinese Live On Water
Queen Mary Having Bottom Scraped
Split Rears In Farmers Movement
Mrs Rydell's Bust Unveiled At Nearby School

In the EGG at Duck Creek. Here to scrape and paint the bottom of Sylvia Louise (not the Queen Mary), but our antique sailboat. But it's raining and cold, so we're hunkered down, eating old pizza and drinking old grape juice (it's not noon yet.) More later...